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Is there a CMS that can manage content on a site without having to implement a template?

I've already designed a site with XHTML and CSS, so don't need a template, but do need active content management in static places, such as articles on the homepage and on a couple of other pages.

Preferably open-source all the way, and tableless layout.

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I've seen WordPress's backend used as a CMS without a front end template. They used WordPress to write, organize, and otherwise manage content, but used their existing site plus a few database queries to pull in the content from WP.

It may be easier to just create a basic WordPress template from your existing site's design. It takes about 10 minutes when you've done it a lot, or a few hours for a newbie.

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You'll need to add the active content parts to your designed site. That means you are creating a template.

A solution could be wordpress. It allows to add small dynamic parts to your site and has a relatively low learning curve. It's open source too.

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Try Cute News.


It will allow you to add new articles, and you can implement it into your current design easy.

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Yes. Serene CMS. It allows you to use a powerful WYSIWYG editor and insert that content wherever you want with one line of code.


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