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In my application, I have a screen with some information, belongs to specified date. I want to make a swipe effect, to drag screen to left and right, to change dates.

I think, I should create 2 UIView (one with "tomorrow" date and second one with "yesterday").

How can I make effect, when I start do drag, to move both view controlles, that one start disappear out from screen, and another start to appear, like we turn over photos in standard applications?

Thank you.

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There is a library called iCarousel. It does exactly what you are asking for amd saves a lot of trouble by taking care of all the animation/gestural coding. Use it.

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Use a UIScrollView. Set up your UIScrollView with paging and then set a content size...

yourScrollView.contentSize = CGSizeMake(320 * numberOfPages, 100);

If you need to know which view the user is on use "scrollViewDidScroll:" to figure out which page they are viewing.

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Thank you for answer, but I think, it is not very good idea for me. After changing one page to another, I want to "rebuild" left and right pages to according dates. – Andrey Sapunov Sep 30 '12 at 13:27

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