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I have this string:

*"TEST_START" List of 4 $ test : Named num 0.983 ..- attr(, "names")= chr "W" $ p.value : num 0.975 $ method : chr "This is the test name" $ data.name: chr "x" - attr(, "class")= chr "htest" [1]*

I'm trying to write a regex that could isolate just the following substring withing double quotes: This is the test name

At the moment I made this regex:


It isolates a subset of the string. However I'd need to match just the aforementioned substring (This is the test name).

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Try this,


See Lookahead and Lookbehind Zero-Width Assertions.

RegexBuddy Screenshot

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chr "(.*?)" \$ , then pick the second match. Works if you can be confident about how consistent the input string is. But be aware that not all implementations of regex are 100% identical. You might want to be clear about what language you are regex-ing in.

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