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I gradually load many objects (UIWebView) to the memory and after a while it crashes. Please Help


I have a UIScrollView with horizontal paging, wherein each page (with a separate view controller) contains a UIWebView with disabled user interaction. At first only webview #0 on page 0 gets loaded and as I advance through the pages the app gradually sends requests to load specific data. Downloaded data stay in memory.

After I load about 20 Webviews from internet source, my app freezes and crashes. If I use a dummy html string stored on the device, this happens after I load about 50 webview. But the problem persists.

I fixed much of the leaks and am only left with Mallocs. Since the problem does not occur with low quantities of UIWebviews Loaded I assume that I have to change my code to say 3 webviews and reuse them. But I don't know if that'd fix the issue. I have developed several apps before which don't crash and this is a unique case.

I store pointers to webviews and some other elements inside every Webview (such as labels) in arrays. The arrays get incremented in count with every new page loaded.

I use xcode 4.3 and a jailbroken iphone 4 to develop. I turned off requiring signatures in my xcode as a result of which the app gets copied onto my phone yet fails to attach to process. I cannot debug on my phone. My app works well in simulator but crashes a while after I launch it on the phone by tapping the icon.

From what I am able to describe as so, what do you think might be the problem? Thanks

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if you wan't to create good apps stop using jailbroken devices, it's not really good if you cannot debug your code. – mariusLAN Sep 30 '12 at 14:35

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Yes, certainly having too many UIWebViews will cause a crash due to low memory. I'm not sure what your reason is for having multiple UIWebViews, but I would follow through with your idea to reuse a smaller amount of them instead of creating several.

Based on your device not crashing when you use a small amount, I would say that the problem lies in the use of too many UIWebViews and not in a compatibility problem with your jailbroken device, for example.

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Thanks, I too believe it's due to excessive UIWebview use. – John Sep 30 '12 at 14:48

WebKit is notorious for its memory hogging. It mallocs large blocks of memory and fails before giving you the opportunity to release other resources. One UIWebView is bad enough. I've had this problem in apps with as few a 5 UIWebViews, let alone 50.

There are a couple of things you can try. One, if the web pages aren't too complicated, you could use a replacement view such as DTCoreText to render them. If you have to have webviews, you could cache the various HTML contents and re-render using one UIWebView.

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Thanks! That makes sense, to completely abolish the WebView use. I use a ViewController for every UIView which currently contants a UIwebview. The HTML is actually very simple and could be reconstructed with an UIImage and labels. If I substitute every Webview with an Uiimage and 5 labels, do you believe there will be a great boost in performance? – John Sep 30 '12 at 14:46
If that's all that your webviews are showing, it will by all means be faster. Do consider DTCoreText (, though, as it renders images and styled text directly from HTML. – rsswtmr Sep 30 '12 at 15:09

You only need to use three UIWebView's for paging. Lets say the user is on page 2 (page 1 is the left page and page 3 is to the right). When the uses swipes to page 3, you could just display the web view currently on page 1 on page 3. You need to re-load the proper html when the user swipes between the pages.

With some caching of the web content, speed shouldn't be a problem once the stuff is downloaded.

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