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I am executing a mysql query in python using the MySQLdb package. The code looks something like this:

c.execute("""select * from table""")
output = []
for row in c:

where row[4] contains a decimal value that I want to store in the output list.

The problem is every value that I am getting looks like this: Decimal('XX.XX') where all I want in the output list is XX.XX. At the end of the script, my output list looks like this:

[Decimal('10.02'), Decimal('20.24'), ...]

But I need it to just contain the numbers, like this:

[10.02, 20.24, ...]

How do I do that?


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c.execute("""select * from table""")
output = []
for row in c:
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that's it thanks! – jeffery_the_wind Sep 30 '12 at 16:43

Use float():


But float() can result in something like:

In [184]: float(Decimal('10.02'))
Out[184]: 10.02

In [185]: float(Decimal('20.24'))
Out[185]: 20.239999999999998
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yes this is ok, thanks! – jeffery_the_wind Sep 30 '12 at 14:53

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