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How can I broadcast an object through an event?

Currently I am trying: ($rootScope) ->
    message = {type: 'channel', action: 'create', data: { name: "ssss", id: 0}}
    $rootScope.$broadcast('message', message)

angular.module('WebChat').controller 'ChannelController', ($scope) -> 
    $scope.$on 'message', (message) ->
        console.log message
        console.log 'hi'

But I am getting no output

Edit I got it working. It seems that the first parameter of the callback function is the scope. I had to change the controller to:

angular.module('WebChat').controller 'ChannelController', ($scope) -> 
    $scope.$on 'message', (scope, message) ->
        console.log message
        console.log 'hi'
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You are getting no output in your case since you are broadcasting before a controller is ready to accept messages. The module's run method is executed very early in the application's life-cycle, before controller's scopes are ready to listen to messages.

Here is the jsFiddle that illustrates this, check the console to see that broadcast happens before a listener is ready:

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I have a similar situation, where I need to load YouTube IFrame API‌​. I've tried putting the load code inside run() as well as outside trying to load it last, but no matter where I put it the broadcast always happens before my controller is ready to listen, unless I do a timeout of 1000 or more (1500 seems to work best). Is there a way to guarantee proper order listen->broadcast without using timeouts? I know my question may seem vaguely broad, but I can provide more details if need be. Thanks. – braincomb Sep 3 '13 at 0:28

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