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After many unsuccessful tries I need your help with a formula.

I am trying to get the max value in a range of cells that should be looked up somehow.

I have a sales table for each item number which contains the amount of sales in each of four contries

    SE   DK  FI  NO
#1  10%  20% 70% 0%
#2  20%  20% 50% 10%

So, this table is called "Salessplit".

In another sheet I have rows with item numbers where I would like to return the highest selling country for that item.

#1 Look up #1 from Salessplit and return "FI"(that has the highest sales)
#2 Look up #2 from Salessplit and return "FI" here as well

Any idea how to manage this?

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Assume your table is in Sheet1!A1:E10 with headers in row 1 and item numbers in column A then try this formula in sheet2!B2 assuming that the item number is in Sheet2!A2


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With the same assumptions, but with a slightly different approach, using offset instead of a couple indexes.


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