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I used the RC version of Visual Studio 2012 to create an ASP.NET Webforms project and I intentionally took the 4.0 version of .Net and of the project template to avoid complications after the release of VS2012.

Now I anyway bumped into the problem, that is revealed in the following error message:

'jquery' is not a valid script name.  The name must end in '.js'. 

As I noticed in the references, following assembly references are broken:

  • Microsoft.ScriptManager.jQuery
  • Microsoft.ScriptManager.jQuery.UI.Component
  • System.Web.Providers

I tried to re-install jQuery using NuGet but did not find these assemblies. If I now create a new .Net 4.0 ASP.NET Webforms project in Visual Studio 2012 I get a lot of new references which are not present in my current (originally created in the RC-version, now opened in VS2012 RTM), like:

  • AspNet.ScriptManager.jQuery
  • AspNet.ScriptManager.jQuery.UI.Combined

but I can't find them among reference sources if I try to add a new reference to my original project.

How can I make my application runnable in VS2012?

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Check packages


make sure the following dlls are in the lib folder


And check the reference in your project to make sure all references are resolved.

Sometimes, the dlls didn't added to the source control and when you do a get latest from the source control these two dlls are missing.

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