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I am trying to use bootstrap in a Rails application and I already tried to include the bootstrap CSS directly or using bootstrap-sass/anjlab-boostrap-rails.

In the three of them, I am facing a strange issue that I did not uderstand.

I have the following html code:

<div class="input-append">
  <input type="text" /><a href="#" class="btn">?</a>

The rendering is ok but when I typewrite something in the field, nothing appears. Investigating further, I found that the input-prepend/append set the font-size to 0 and then the text seems to disepear.

Did I forget something when I written my HTML code ? Is it correct ?

Thanks in advance

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Your code works for me, can you post a link or reproduce it in a jsfiddle? –  albertedevigo Oct 1 '12 at 7:18

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I just noticed this issue as well and was able to track down the cause.

Bootstrap's (version 2) css rules for .input-append and .input-prepend set the font size to 0 to eliminate horizontal whitespace. Several elements are then reset to the correct font size but .btn is not included in the reset. By adding .btn to the list of elements getting the restored font size I was able to fix the issue.

Note: This is no longer an issue in Bootstrap 3 since the new .input-group styles rely on floats rather than the previous inline-block approach (with the whitespace hack).

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Finally, I found the issue. I did not realize that I had one other stylesheet in conflicts with this part of my code. The code implied in the conflict is the following one:

input, textarea {
  font-size: 1.1em !important;

When I comment this style declaration, it works again like a charm. I did not understand exactly why this is causing some strange behavior I had. In my case, this definition came after the inclusion of bootstrap.css.

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