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In Linux, I use xmodmap with the following configuration:

clear lock
keycode 66 = Mode_switch

keycode 34 = bracketleft braceleft aring Aring
keycode 47 = semicolon colon oslash Ooblique
keycode 48 = apostrophe quotedbl ae AE

keycode 21 = equal plus
keycode 35 = bracketright braceright 

How can I do the same in AutoHotKey?

In other words, how can I make (Caps+[certain key]) -> [certain character]?

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Try this as an example for CapsLock + F1:

CapsLock & F1::Send, abcdefg
CapsLock & a::Send, Æ ; to send lowercase Æ, CapsLock+Shift+a is uppercase

Hope this is what you were looking for.

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