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I want to make a simple circuit design GUI that will have the possibility to export the diagram to text file.

To explain: We have a educational simulator that uses simple text files to load the models. It has a simple language, for example:


To help out the users in creating these files, I'd like to build a GUI that someone will drag and drop the nodes, then the modes, then connect them between them, put the parameters in the properties of the models and press export to text. Then the gui should just give the above text.

I think some of the SPICE gui front-ends work like this.

So, my questions: -Is there any similar to my expectations, open source software I can use to modify for my purpose? (this GUI will be used by students and I will not make any profit of it) -Any directions to point me to for building the GUI from scratch? (Tutorials, books etc)

Thanks in advance

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Have you looked at Kicad? It's an open source EDA tool. You can draw schematics, generate netlists (similar to the format you're describing above), and more if you need.

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There's also gEDA that already has a few netlisting backends, maybe you can use or modify one of the existing ones. If not, there's a (limited) tutorial for developing your own. Writing a backend relies heavily on knowing (or learning - not that hard a language to learn) Scheme.

Seems like several orders of magnitude less effort that writing your own schematic capture GUI!

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If you consider using Swing you could have a look at the NetBeans Platform and its Visual Graph library:


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Not written in Java but consider having a look at QUCS .

As far as I remember are the schematics files it produces similar to XML so you could write a small piece of software which converts these to your format (rather than having to modify the program itself).

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Qucs seems to be what I need. The problem is that you cannot easily extract the netlist from it :s I'll check to see if there is an easy way to do it. –  p3tris Oct 5 '12 at 12:00

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