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Is it possible to pass a function/callback from javascript to a java applet?

For example i have an applet with a button that when pressed it will call the passed js callback

function onCommand() {alert('Button pressed from applet');}
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I tend to use something I derived from the reflection example at the bottom of this page, as then you don't need to meddle with your classpath to get it to compile

Then I just pass JSON strings around between the applet and javascript

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thx for the link, it just contains all the possible methods –  ken Sep 25 '08 at 0:58

ps. to use JSObject you may need to include "MAYSCRIPT" tag to applet html tag.

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You can use JSObject to call back into javascript from Java.

From that page:

import netscape.javascript.*;
import java.applet.*;
import java.awt.*;
class MyApplet extends Applet {
     public void init() {
         JSObject win = JSObject.getWindow(this);
         JSObject doc = (JSObject) win.getMember("document");
         JSObject loc = (JSObject) doc.getMember("location");

         String s = (String) loc.getMember("href");  // document.location.href
         win.call("f", null);                      // Call f() in HTML page
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is it also possible to pass js function which is an object as the first argument of win.call instead the name of the js function? –  ken Sep 24 '08 at 11:46
No, but instead of passing in the bare callback function you could create a new object containing it, pass that in then use the object.call(name) form. –  moonshadow Sep 24 '08 at 12:00

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