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Hi all,

I am working in webapi. I have uploaded my images and I have optimized these images for three different sizes.

Then I clicked on saved in folder in server(App_Data)(folder) in my application, now I need to

  • Retrive those images from that folder
  • Show in my index page like i should get that images back
  • Show original image
  • Show the different images on radio button selection

Could you please help me retrieve those pictures from my folder (show dynamically),and help me fetch and show images in index page?

Thanks in advance.

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As of above i got idea that actually want to do need to retrive images from folder path right ok for that need to write method in controller its just simple

public static string Getimage( string url)

              return url;

and make call in your controllers like this


uploaded folders means patha of folder which images are stored

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