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I am using the PayPal sandbox in ASP.Net C# 4.0. I added the following web reference:


If i have 1 item (gimme 2 t-shirts please) i can pass it to the PayPal object and complete my transactions with no problems whatsoever:

       var item = new PayPalAPIHelper.PayPalWS.PaymentDetailsItemType
            Quantity = 2, //etc...etc
         var paymentDetails = new  PayPalAPIHelper.PayPalWS.PaymentDetailsType();
        paymentDetails.PaymentDetailsItem = new PaymentDetailsItemType[]{item};

Now my dilemma is when a customer wants different items (1 t-shirt, 1 pair of pants). Now i need multiple PaymentDetailsItemType objects to pass to the paymentDetails object. I tried this:

        //now i have an array of different items 
        var items = new PayPalAPIHelper.PayPalWS.PaymentDetailsItemType[3];
        items[0].Description = "T-shirt";
        items[1].Description = "Jeans";
        paymentDetails.PaymentDetailsItem = new PaymentDetailsItemType[]{items};

I get this error:

       Cannot implicitly convert type 'PayPalAPIHelper.PayPalWS.PaymentDetailsItemType[]' 
       to 'PayPalAPIHelper.PayPalWS.PaymentDetailsItemType'    

I can do this and it compiles:

   paymentDetails.PaymentDetailsItem = new PaymentDetailsItemType[]{items[0],items[1]};

But when I run it, i get Data type '' mismatch in element 'Quantity' when i call the PayPal service:

            PayPalAPIHelper.PayPalWS.PaymentDetailsType paymentDetails = new PayPalAPIHelper.PayPalWS.PaymentDetailsType();

        paymentDetails.PaymentDetailsItem = new PayPalAPIHelper.PayPalWS.PaymentDetailsItemType[] { items[0],items[1] };

        reqDetails.PaymentDetails = new PayPalAPIHelper.PayPalWS.PaymentDetailsType[] { paymentDetails };

        PayPalAPIHelper.PayPalWS.SetExpressCheckoutReq req = new PayPalAPIHelper.PayPalWS.SetExpressCheckoutReq()
            SetExpressCheckoutRequest = new PayPalAPIHelper.PayPalWS.SetExpressCheckoutRequestType()
                Version = Version,
                SetExpressCheckoutRequestDetails = reqDetails

        // query PayPal and get token
         //error occurs here
        PayPalAPIHelper.PayPalWS.SetExpressCheckoutResponseType resp = BuildPayPalWebservice().SetExpressCheckout(req); //this is where the error occurs

How do i pass multiple types to the PayPal API web service so the user can order different items? Thanks in advance

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First, you already have an array, so it makes no sense to create a new one just for the sake of assignment into paymentDetails.PaymentDetailsItem:

var items = new PayPalAPIHelper.PayPalWS.PaymentDetailsItemType[3];
paymentDetails.PaymentDetailsItem = items;  // this is wrong: new PaymentDetailsItemType[]{items};

By writing new PaymentDetailsItemType[]{items} you create a new array and try to initialize its first item (of type PaymentDetailsItemType) with the contents of another array items (of type PaymentDetailsItemType[] — hence incompatible).

Second, make sure you fill all required properties for all items in the array. Most likely, in your example of one t-shirt and one jeans you should do:

items[0].Description = "T-shirt";
items[0].Quantity = 1;
items[1].Description = "Jeans";
items[1].Quantity = 1;
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Thanks for responding, but im not sure i understand your answer. If it try to create a new array like this new PaymentDetailsItemType[]{items}, it wont compile like i mentioned in my question. Can you expound a little more and show me how to pass my items array to my paymentDetails.PaymentDetailsItems collection? Forgive me , its sunday morning so my mind is still waking up :) – BoundForGlory Sep 30 '12 at 17:30
Have a cup of coffe a do read again the first half of my answer. What you are looking for is: paymentDetails.PaymentDetailsItem = items; — just assign the items variable (of an array type) into paymentDetails.PaymentDetailsItem property (of the same array type). – Ondrej Tucny Sep 30 '12 at 17:32
Had my coffe and im good. I implemented your change and i still get the Data type '' mismatch in element 'Quantity' error – BoundForGlory Sep 30 '12 at 17:36
Nevermind....remind me to wake up before i decide to work...I fixed it. Thanks for your help – BoundForGlory Sep 30 '12 at 17:37

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