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I don't know if I am saying correctly, but here goes.

My team is using bitbucket for our work. i have made the main repo which my team forks from, now one of the teammates just pushed some work(made pull request), ive merge it in the main repo, now i need to get the changes from the fork, how do i do it?

I tried to add the main repo and a remote add, but it doesnt seem to be working. I use svn/git at work and i have no trouble, but bitbucket is confusing to me.

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Don't fully understand what you have or what's missing but here is my advice:

Clone the repo from bitbucket locally

git clone [bitbucket address]

then, whenever there is a change and you want to pull

git pull [bb address]

If you already have a clone but not the remote bitbucket repo added do so by

git remote add bb [bitbucket address]

then you can pull again by

git pull bb

where bb is the remote alias.

If you already have all that you just want to pull (and merge which is another problem you might encounter)

git pull bb
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very weird, i did the same exaact thing before it kept complaining, now it works lol. thanks! – Yao Chen Sep 30 '12 at 18:09

I also use bitbucket, following works for me to push the changes

git add <file/folder>
git commit -m "Checkin in code"
git push -u origin master
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