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I am writing a module that uses some custom caching mechanism and i would like for my caching to be clearable from in the admin area along with the core Magento caching.

Also I would like to check if the caching is enabled for my module only and then choose to do caching or not based on this.

I am sure this is possible but do not know how.

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Magento makes this very easy for you, essentially just a few lines of code in your modules global config…

    <!-- Other global config -->
            <namespace_module module="namespace_module" translate="label description">
                <label>Your modules cache label</label>
                <description>Description of your modules cache</description>
    <!-- Other global config -->

The logic for checking if your cache is active or not would be along the lines of the following…

$cacheGroup = 'namespace_module';
$useCache = Mage::app()->useCache($cacheGroup);
if (true === $useCache) {
    // Cache is active
} else {
    // Cache is not active
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I've 'extended the question' in this question. Maybe you can help: stackoverflow.com/questions/15040144/… –  bvl Feb 23 '13 at 15:24
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