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I am currently building a Safari Extension. I have a simple popover page with 3 buttons. On clicking those buttons, I need to perform some actions on the Global Page that involves manipulating localStorage and a couple of other things.

I can't seem to find any way to dispatch a message from the popover to the global page. There seem to be a heap of topics on dispatching from a popover to a content script, but nothing to the global page.

It's probably insanely simple and I am just missing something. Would appreciate any help.

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You don't need to use message passing between a popover and the global page. They share the safari.extension object, so you can access either one's context from the other.

From a popover, you can access the global page's functions and other objects through safari.extension.globalPage.contentWindow. For example, if you have a function foo in the global page, you can call it from the popover with safari.extension.globalPage.contentWindow.foo().

From the global page, you can access a popover's objects through safari.extension.popovers[i].contentWindow, where i is the popover's index.

Incidentally, popovers and the global page share the same localStorage object, so there's no need to use, for example, safari.extension.globalPage.contentWindow.localStorage from a popover; localStorage by itself will access the same store the global page uses.

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Thanks, that did it! –  Vivek Oct 1 '12 at 14:23

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