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For some reason, this very simple query isn't working:

 PREFIX dbpedia-owl: <>
 SELECT ?link
 WHERE { <>
        dbpedia-owl:wikiPageWikiLink ?link }

There's nothing wrong with the syntax since a similar query involving external links works fine:

 PREFIX dbpedia-owl: <>
 SELECT ?link
 WHERE { <>
        dbpedia-owl:wikiPageExternalLink ?link}

I've looked on their blog and don't see anything about discontinuing the wikiPageWikiLink category. So what am I doing wrong here?

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As you can see by going to, there is no property called wikiPageWikiLink. So there's nothing wrong with your query—it just asks for data that's not there.

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DBpedia extracts the Wikipedia page links and offers them for download, but does not add them to the public SPARQL endpoint. There are simply too many of them - they would overwhelm the SPARQL server.

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