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I used

<link rel="author" href="https://plus.google.com/113756..7573388> 

in the head of my page. Then I put the address of my page in the contributor section of my google+ account. Now when I go to richsnippets tool it says Error: Author profile page does not have an authorship link to a Google Profile.

What should I do more so that the picture of my profile to appear in searches? Thanks!

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1) Create a link to your Google+ profile from your webpage, like this:

<a href="[profile_url]?rel=author">Google</a>

Replace [profile_url] with your Google+ profile URL, like this:

<a href="https://plus.google.com/109412257237874861202?rel=author">Some Anchor Text</a>

2) Add a reciprocal link back from your G+ profile to the site(s) you just updated.

The instructions are here, see option 2:


Check with the Structured Data Testing Tool:


Google makes it pretty clear that they don't guarantee your G+ avatar will appear in SERPs even if you have correctly established authorship; there's no guarantee.

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