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Does anyone know of a way to use the command line in Linux to separate and merge layers (optional content, section 8.11 of ISO 32000:2008) from a PDF file?

I am mostly interested in files created with Adobe Illustrator - apologies if this is too far off-topic, I am quite desperate. I've posted this also to serverfault a while back, but no answers.

I have come across a reference to cslayer.dev in here but I cannot find any further documentation.

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I am not aware of any Open Source commandline utility in Linux (or on any other platform) that can separate or merge layers in PDF files.

The only commandline utility I am aware of is closed source payware: callas pdfToolbox6, which available in different incarnations:

  • GUIs for Windows and Mac OS X,
  • CLI for Linux/Solaris as well as for Windows/Mac.
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