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I made a list out of my dataframe, based on the factor levels in column A. In the list I would like to remove that column. My head is saying lapply, but not anything else :P

ID Test
A   1
A   1

 ID Test
 B   1
 B   3
 B   5

Into this


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Assuming your list is called myList, something like this should work:

lapply(myList, function(x) { x["ID"] <- NULL; x })


For a more general solution, you can also use something like this:

# Sample data
myList <- list(A = data.frame(ID = c("A", "A"), 
                              Test = c(1, 1), 
                              Value = 1:2), 
               B = data.frame(ID = c("B", "B", "B"), 
                              Test = c(1, 3, 5), 
                              Value = 1:3))
# Keep just the "ID" and "Value" columns
lapply(myList, function(x) x[(names(x) %in% c("ID", "Value"))])
# Drop the "ID" and "Value" columns
lapply(myList, function(x) x[!(names(x) %in% c("ID", "Value"))])
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thank you :) I think I'm beginning to see how to apply functions within lapply.. :) –  Endre Grüner Ofstad Sep 30 '12 at 20:02
@EndreGrünerOfstad, no problem. See my updated answer for another option you can use. –  Ananda Mahto Sep 30 '12 at 20:25
@mrwab Thanks! Btw, do you know how to merge two lists with the same element structure? E.g. one goes from two lists where each element level contains one vector each to one list where each element level contains two vectors. Perhaps it should be a question all by itself.. –  Endre Grüner Ofstad Sep 30 '12 at 20:37

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