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i've successfully used savon with a site that has wsdl but now i have a site that only supplies the xsd so i can't execute

client = Savon.client("http://service.example.com?wsdl")

Can savon import and use for data extraction? I think there would be a way by faking some headers but i'm not sure.

for reference the xsd is here http://api.parature.com/schema/xsd/Retrieve-Ticket.xsd


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Welcome to stackoverflow. Your question seems a bit vague as to what exactly you want help with. For example, what is data extraction? Faking headers? Please help us understand your problem. –  Tom Redfern Oct 1 '12 at 7:47
sorry (need to move from head to paper..)- data extraction, i meant calling the functions such as get_ticket and then being able to have the data structures as per wsdl (or xsd in this case). faking the headers - not sure what else to call it but basically adding endpoints and namespace (this part i'm really not sure - if all i have is xsd what do i need to set up in savon so i can use the xsd as i did when i had a site with full wsdl) –  Charles F Oct 2 '12 at 3:27
also if / when i can get this to work i figure i'll send to rubii for possible use as example in docs - not sure how big a use case this is –  Charles F Oct 2 '12 at 3:32

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Savon is specifically a soap client, hence the need for a wsdl. Although soap is expressed in xml and wsdl is part xsd, the oposite is not true, as schema is not a web service definition. Long and short, you are out of luck there, Savon will be of no use. No matter how much you try and hack at it, you're beating a dead horse.

The closest satisfying compromise I can suggest is nokogiri, used by Savon, which is quite capable of dealing with the xsd/xml interface you are faced with now, all on its own.


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