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What is the best way to make Sphinx not use full-text search on conditions? So if I query for "Bannana", and set a condition that the "type" must be "fruit", exactly. So it wouldn't do a full-text search on the condition and return results with the type as "fruits".

Hope that makes sense, Thanks in advance!

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If I understand you correctly, the condition must be set as an attribute in sphinx. This will allow you to filter on the attribute and only return records of type "fruits".

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be careful though cant filter on string attrributes, only numeric attributes. Can use something like CRC32 to make a number from a string tho. – barryhunter Oct 1 '12 at 12:39

Can use

to make sure not match stemmed versions. I've no idea how to set that via thinking-sphinx.

Then can do

bannana @type =fruit

as the text query.

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