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I'm implementing Facebook connect for a website. The Facebook Connect code is inside an iframe. Everything works well but when Facebook is supposed to show a popup dialog (for example FB.Connect.showFeedDialog or FB.Connect.streamPublish) The popup shows inside the iframe. Since its a small iframe window the popup is half hidden.

Any idea on how to solve it is very much appreciated. Note: the FB login and logout popups do show well.

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My window was too small to show the FB iframe properly, so I overrode the private _openFeedDialogIframe function to call the _openFeedDialogWindow:

var init = function()
        FB.Connect._openFeedDialogIframe = function(b, a, f)
            FB.Connect._openFeedDialogWindow(b, a, f);

This forces a popup every time an iframe is to be shown.

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