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I am trying to use image gallery for my website that I found here. I want to add one more functionality to this gallery.. I want a large image to be linked and when clicked on it to open in new tab url that is defined in code. I have included the full code here:

<script type="text/javascript">
 /*Your ShineTime Welcome Image*/
 var default_image = 'images/large/default.jpg';
 var default_caption = 'Welcome to my portfolio';
 /*Load The Default Image*/
 loadPhoto(default_image, default_caption);
 function loadPhoto($url, $caption)
    /*Image pre-loader*/
    var img = new Image();
    jQuery(img).load( function()
    }).attr({ "src": $url });
    $('#largephoto').css('background-image','url("' + $url + '")');
    $('#largephoto').data('caption', $caption);
 /* When a thumbnail is clicked*/
      var handler = $(this).find('.large_image');
      var newsrc  = handler.attr('src');
      var newcaption  = handler.attr('rel');
      loadPhoto(newsrc, newcaption);
 /*When the main photo is hovered over*/
    var currentCaption  = ($(this).data('caption'));
    var largeCaption = $(this).find('#largecaption');
     largeCaption.find('.captionShine').css("background-position","-550px 0");
     largeCaption.find('.captionShine').animate({backgroundPosition: '550px 0'},700);
    var largeCaption = $(this).find('#largecaption');
 /* When a thumbnail is hovered over*/
     $(this).find(".large_thumb").stop().animate({marginLeft:-7, marginTop:-7},200);
     $(this).find(".large_thumb_shine").css("background-position","-99px 0");
     $(this).find(".large_thumb_shine").animate({backgroundPosition: '99px 0'},700);
 }, function()
    $(this).find(".large_thumb").stop().animate({marginLeft:0, marginTop:0},200);
 function showPreloader()
 function hidePreloader()


And I have 15 thumbnails/photos like this:

<div class="thumbnails">
    <!-- start entry-->
    <div class="thumbnailimage">
        <div class="thumb_container">
            <div class="large_thumb">
                <img src="images/thumbnails/sample1.jpg" class="large_thumb_image" alt="thumb">
                <img alt="" src="images/large/sample1.jpg" class="large_image" rel="Image Sample">
                <div class="large_thumb_border"> </div>
                <div class="large_thumb_shine"> </div>
    <!-- end entry-->

Any help? Thanks.

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This should work, all you have to do is add data-large attributes to each image and on hover it displays a tooltip with the large image inside.

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I think you didn't understand what I'm asking for... I don't want hover effect, I just want to link the large photo and when I click on it to open in a new tab url that is defined in code... I have tried to link it in html, but it didn't work, so it must be done somehow in javascript with onclick event I guess. – Nikola Marković Oct 1 '12 at 12:03

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