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i have a regular expression to remove certain parts from a URI. However it doesn't take into account multiple parts in a way that works :-). Can somebody assist?

$regex = '~/{(.*?)}\*~'

$uri = '/user/{action}/{id}*/{subAction}*';
$newuri = preg_replace($regex, ''  , $uri); 

//$newuri = /user/
//Should be: $newuri = /user/{action}/

I know it matches the following part as one match:


But it should match the following two seperately:



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To me it looks like your {(.*?)}\* test is matching all of {action}/{id}*, which judging from what you've written isn't what you want.

So change the Kleene closure to be less greedy:


But do you really need to capture the part inside the curly braces? Seems to me you could go with this one instead:


Either way, the [^}]* part guarantees that the expression will not match {action}/ because it doesn't end in an asterisk.

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Thanks for thinking along! This is exactly what i need! – Ropstah Aug 12 '09 at 14:55

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