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I am using this code to write an image to SD after camera.takePicture is called:

protected String doInBackground(byte[]... jpeg) {
    File directory=new File(Environment.getExternalStorageDirectory() + "/" + getString(R.string.qpw_picture_path) + "/" + getString(R.string.qpw_picture_title) + "_" + initialTime);
    String currentTime = new SimpleDateFormat(getString(R.string.qpw_date_format)).format(new Date());
    File photo = new File (directory, getString(R.string.qpw_picture_title) + "_" + currentTime + "_" + current + ".jpg");

    if (photo.exists()) {

    try {
        FileOutputStream fos=new FileOutputStream(photo.getPath());         
    catch ( e) {

    new ImageMediaScanner(getBaseContext(), photo);

Which is working fine in this case, but when I am using the same code to write images from camera.setPreviewCallback, I end up with 450KB corrupted images on SD which cannot be used or even opened.

Any help or advice would be appreciated.


It seems that data should be first converted from YUV to RGB before saving. Having tried one of the many code samples found on Google and SO, I was facing no more issues.

Does anyone know what is the best way of doing it? In terms of speed, memory allocation, CPU...

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Just in case someone stumbles on the same issue this SO post summarize well what I was looking for.

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