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Linux Script Extract Information From Excel To Create Users

Need to create users from excel spread sheet, getting a few errors in my script on lines 8 and 13

Line 8 Unexpected EOF while looking for matching `'' Line 13 Syntax error unexpected end of file

echo $(pwd)/employeesdata.xls
read Path
if [ -e $Path ];
Username= [ grep $(Username) $Path | cut -f1 -d `]'
Password= [ grep $(Password) $Path | cut -f2 -d `]'
useradd -- b $Username
echo $Password | /usr/bin/passwd --stdin $Username

Excel file has this and other information

Name (field1) EmployeeID (field2)    Phone             Address      
Joe Blow      22500033               156-454-3322       101 main
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Is this actually an excel spreadsheet or some for of text format (like csv). Please reduce your script to what you want. It looks like you are setting Path and then reading it in. –  CrazyCasta Sep 30 '12 at 22:04
Thanks to not crosspost many times (malformed) same questions. stackoverflow.com/questions/12664630/… This script have absolutely no sense at all... –  StardustOne Sep 30 '12 at 22:18
All I'm trying to do is read the data, export to create user accounts using the name for the username and then employeeid as the password. Following that I'm supposed to email. –  bob smith Sep 30 '12 at 22:19
well if someone could help a brother out that would be awesome4000 –  bob smith Sep 30 '12 at 22:30
What help do you expect? Your script just do not make any sense AT ALL. Grepping xls file and all those $(Username) things... Do you at least have an idea how shell works and what xls file looks like from inside? –  s0me0ne Sep 30 '12 at 22:37

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I think you'd have to refactor a few things:

echo $(pwd)/employeesdata.xls
read Path
if [ -e "$Path" ]; then
    Username=$(grep "$Username" "$Path" | cut -f1 -d ' ')
    Password=$(grep "$Password" "$Path" | cut -f2 -d ' ')
    useradd -- b $Username
    echo "$Password" | /usr/bin/passwd --stdin "$Username"

A few notes:

  1. Quote the value you are assigning to a variable (sometimes this is not necessary, but for starting out it helps to avoid some problems)
  2. Quote the usage of a variable, unless you know what you're doing. Without quoting it explicitly, the variable can generate various parameters to commands/functions.
  3. $(cmd) executes the command cmd and replaces its occurrence with the output of the command.
  4. $var or ${var} replaces itself with the contents of variable named var
  5. "quoting $a", supposing the variable a contains string as its contents, generates the string quoting string.
  6. 'quoting $a', independent of the variable a, generates the string quoting $a.
  7. As confusing as it can be for newcomers, [ is actually an "alias" for the test command, which can be used to compare strings, integers, and do some basic tests like checking the permissions or the existence of a file. ] is actually just a syntax requirement just to inform the command that its parameters have ended (when called .
  8. I assumed your delimiter is a space, but I could be wrong.

Hope this helps a little =)

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+1 for painstook explanation. Not sure this question deserves such treatment, but keep posting! Good luck to all. –  shellter Oct 1 '12 at 12:19

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