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I have an number of different categories for my blog site posts; I also have an total number of total posts, how do I write an sql statement to update the entry in the total number of posts = to the number of the sum of my different categories?

here is what I have os far

$blog_number_update = "UPDATE `blog_categories` SET `posts_counter` = '(total of all other rows with an number greater then 0 in the posts_counter column)' WHERE `name` = 'Number'"

how to write this?

(total of all other rows with an number greater then 0 in the posts_counter column)

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3 Answers

You can combine these queries using a sub query.

Something like

 UPDATE `blog_categories` SET `posts_counter` =(SELECT SUM(posts_counter) FROM blog_categories WHERE posts_counter>0) WHERE `name` = `value`

should work fine. However, with large data sets, this could have some serious performance implications.

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is this faster or slower then just using 2 sql queries? –  Supra Man Oct 1 '12 at 17:32
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I don't think it's a good idea to store both the counters and their sum in the same table. It would be wiser to have a separate table for this kind of statistics (and only if calculating them on the fly is too slow).

Here's a way to bypass MySQL's limitation of not using the same table in a subquery in the WHERE clause when you UPDATE it:

        ( SELECT SUM(posts_counter) AS counter_sum
          FROM blog_categories 
          WHERE posts_counter > 0 
            AND ( name <> 'Number' OR name IS NULL ) 
        ) AS s 
        blog_categories AS b
    b.posts_counter = s.counter_sum
    b.name = 'Number' ;
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You can't update a table, that you select from, in MySQL - so this is not possible in one query.

To do it in 2 parts, you could

SELECT SUM(posts_counter) FROM blog_categories WHERE posts_counter>0

(The WHERE clause is redundant, if you have no negative values there), get the results into the PHP variable $posts_counter, then run

UPDATE `blog_categories` SET `posts_counter` = $posts_counter WHERE `name` = 'Number'
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WHile I don't have a problem with a -1, I am eager to learn: What's wrong in this answer? Or is it just, that I am the bearer of unwelcome news? –  Eugen Rieck Sep 30 '12 at 22:28
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