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My problem is that the program speaks before the form gets displayed.

Here's the load block:

*                  *
*    Start Game    *
*                  *
private void Battleship_Load(object sender, EventArgs e)
    // Interface housekeeping
    lblStatus.Font = new Font("HandelGotDLig", 18);

    // fill computer board
    human = game.Human;
    computer = game.Computer;
    shot = game.Initialize(ref human, ref shot);

    //set up displays
    gbComputerHistory.Visible = false;
    gbHumanHistory.Visible = false;
    gbShot.Visible = false;
    lblStatus.Text = "Choose who starts";
    gbStart.Visible = true;

    // display human board
    DisplayBoard(picHuman, human, false);

    // display computer ships
    DisplayBoard(picComputer, computer, false);

    #if SPEECH
        Say("Welcome to BATTLESHIP! Prepare to Lose!");
        Say("Choose who starts first.");

I suspect I could bury it in the paint event, but then I'd have to keep track of whether it has spoken already.

I don't want it speaking every time the form is repainted.

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The page isn't rendered until the method exits. You can put it elsewhere (Form Shown event perhaps) or you could put it in a separate thread, so that it would seem to happen simultaneously. – SimpleVar Sep 30 '12 at 23:04

Try adding the speech code to the Form_Shown event. This event is raised whenever the form is shown to the user (when they can actually see it). From MSDN:

The Shown event is only raised the first time a form is displayed; subsequently minimizing, maximizing, restoring, hiding, showing, or invalidating and repainting will not raise this event.

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