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I runing this code and I getting this message from Valgrind, I new in c++ and Linux but I know that I have to fix it. please can you advise what is wrong?. I am using Ubuntu.

The message is this:

==29304== Thread 1:
==29304== 72 bytes in 18 blocks are definitely lost in loss record 55 of 89
==29304==    at 0x402641D: operator new(unsigned int) (vg_replace_malloc.c:255)
==29304==    by 0x4032BBC: GmpPipePlayer::GmpPipePlayer(IOBase*, Referee*, unsigned char, int, DataBoard const*, int, char const*, int) (unixgmppipe.cpp:126)
==29304==    by 0x40329F9: GmpPipePlayer::CreateFunc(IOBase*, Referee*, unsigned char, int, DataBoard const*, void*) (unixgmppipe.cpp:55)

the code is: int down[2], up[2];


_pid = fork();

if (_pid < 0)

if (_pid == 0)

    dup2(down[0], 0);
    dup2(up[1], 1);

    execl("/bin/sh", "sh", "-c", cmd_line, NULL);


_down = down[1];
_up = up[0];

_reader_thd = new Thread(reader_wrapper, this); //here is the error happening.

the function readre_wrapper is:

THREAD_Return GmpPipePlayer::reader_wrapper(void *p)

    GmpPipePlayer *t = (GmpPipePlayer *)p;


    return NULL;

this new Thread is called many times. before I call it again i do the following:

if (_pid > 0)
    kill(_pid, SIGTERM);
    _pid = 0;

if (_up)
    _up = 0;

if (_down)
    _down = 0;

Any ideas what is wrong?

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Well, you have a new that's never matched by a delete. You'll need a delete _reader_thd; at some point in your code. Or not use dynamic objects at all.

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thanks! it is not happening now. –  user1681210 Sep 30 '12 at 23:15

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