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I'm using Wordpress to build my website, i want to add a form that will have: name, description, image and location on a map. that is letting the users add their own marker on a map.

and by pressing 'submit' the whole data (name, description, image, longitude, latitude) would be saved to a database.

how can i do that? which plugins should i use?

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You could use Google Placemarks and give them access to the creation of the 'Placemarks' custom post type that plugin utilises. You might have to hack the featured image..

Alternatively, you're looking at full custom post type creation and google maps API integration, a custom loop that utilises of the featured image.

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Plugin that comes closest to what you need is what SMacFadyen suggested - BGMP. But if you want to do that yourself you would need to look into this:

For the first one there is lots of tutorials on how to display map and InfoWindows so you shouldn't have much problem with that. For Custom Post Types there is an awesome generator which should do 99% of your work. For Meta Boxes you can go several ways:

  • plugin - easiest but you would depend on a plugin which I don't like very much
  • from scratch - tutorial - which is a lot better than plugin but requires a lot of work
  • one of the meta box libraries - this is the way I usually go - I'm developing my own but it's not ready yet so in the mean time I would recommend My-Meta-Box or Reusable Custom WordPress Meta Boxes
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tnx for the reply, for the form i'm using 'Contact Form 7' with 'Contact Form 7 to Database Extension'. is there a way to hook the marker feature inside those plugins? –  shemesh Oct 1 '12 at 18:32
God knows. As I said - I tend not to rely on other peoples plugins :) –  Miha Rekar Oct 2 '12 at 7:59

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