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I am reviewing some code and I realized I don't remember the correct terminology for something. I believe if I had the following code

pnlOne.Visible = False

Would the "visible" part be considered a method, function, or what? I am learning VB alongside JavaScript, and in JS it would be a method. Is it the same for vb?

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it is called Property – codingbiz Oct 1 '12 at 2:22
Visible is a Property – Spevy Oct 1 '12 at 2:22
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In VB.net, that is a "property". Properties in VB.net and C# as essentially glorified methods for getting and setting a value. (They actually compile down to something like get_Visible and set_Visible methods.)

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pnlOne is an instance of a class and Visible is its property

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Visible could be either ..

  1. a Property; or
  2. a Field (called "Member Variable" in VB)

.. depending on how it is declared. Both Properties and Fields are specializations of "Members"1. See Differences Between Properties and Variables in Visual Basic.

I suspect Visible is a Property in this case, and it will be for all standard Control types .. however, to verify this either way requires knowledge of the Type of the object named by pnlOne.

1 Methods (or "Sub/Function Procedures") are a different kind of Member and it is not appropriate to call either a Property or Field a "Function" or a "Method". (Note: various references inconsistently make a distinction between a Method and a Procedure; in VB.NET they an be thought of as synonyms.)

Nit: the correct term in JavaScript would be property; properties can evaluate to function-objects and can thus also can be considered methods when they do so - usually when this is used meaningfully. In any case, the code would have to be different (e.g. jsObj.set_Visible(true)) if a method was used.

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