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After adding a ribbon item, or calling a method that updates an item, the ribbon does not refresh correctly. Sometimes it's OK after resizing the window but most of the time the panel is in a collapsed state.

I tried all the functions I could think of, ReposPanels, RecalcWidths, RecalcLayout etc etc but nothing worked...

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    m_ribbonBar.ForceRecalcLayout(); //CMFCRibbonBar m_ribbonBar;


This is not obvious by googling so I decided to add it as an already answered question on here (mainly so I could find it again myself after a couple of months have gone by)

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hey thanks a lot!!! –  yolo Sep 23 '11 at 12:48

ForceRecalcLayout() does solve the issue however the problem with ForceRecalcLayout() is that one might encounter crashes. For example move the mouse over some element in the ribbon when ForceRecalcLayout is being called and maybe you might be able to reproduce the crash. If yes then do let me know how to avoid it?

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