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I am attempting to insert a link into the error message displayed on a form. in my action I'v done this.

    $this->view->editForm->getElement('value')->addError('this type/value combination already exists. click <a href="' 
       . $this->view->url(array(
          'module' => 'collection',
          'controller' => 'tag',
          'action' => 'detail',
          'id' => $tagExists->getId()
       ), null, true) 
   .'">here</a> to load the existing tag');

so what I want to see in my web browser when rendered would be

this type/value combination already exists click here to load the existing tag

and what I'm seeing is

this type/value combination already exists click <a href="/collection/tag/detail/id/9">here</a> to load the existing tag

i am not sure how to actually cause the link to render correctly in the browser. I'm assuming that there is some sort of output sanitation happening in that error decorator, but I am not sure where I should be looking.

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You need to set the escape option on the Errors decorator to false.

    ->getDecorator('Errors')->setOption('escape', false);
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ok, this throws an error as setEscape() doesn't appear to be a method on that error decorator –  kristopher Oct 1 '12 at 11:56
Call to undefined method Zend_Form_Decorator_Errors::setEscape() –  kristopher Oct 1 '12 at 11:57
@kristopher right, I was looking at the Description decorator. I've updated my answer –  Phil Oct 1 '12 at 23:43

I tried

    ->setOptions(array('escape' => false)); 

which works

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