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I am checking the possibility of this way, if I got any silly thinking, please correct me. I would like to enhance the audio quality. According to some knowledge from web, I found that When an audio/music/sound is played , the AudioTrack will write() PCM data to the sharedbuffer, and then AudioFlinger will read() the PCM data form this sharedbuffer. The idea is to use a service to intercept the PCM data after it is wrote by AudioTrack.write(), modify the PCM data, and then restore it back to the sharedbuffer for AudioFlinger to read(); Could anyone help/correct me, please?

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I dont know much about AudioFlinger, but to read the PCM data you can make use of AudioRecord and to write the PCM data you can use AUdioTrack to play the sound.

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Thanks a lot ! But I am not intent to playback/record the music, the PCM data from AudioTrack is then immediately forward to the speaker. Your suggestion is still much appreciated !! – Steve Huang Oct 1 '12 at 4:27

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