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How do you overide a class public static function without editing that file? Lets say that I have a class file name Display and inside that class has a public static function called body open.

class Display {
    public static function body_open() {
        echo "\n" . '</head><!-- End <head> -->' . "\n\n";
        echo '<body class="' . self::body_class() . '">' . "\n\n";
        echo "\n" . '<div id="zurbwrap">' . "\n";

    public static function body_close() {
        echo "\n\n";
        echo '</div><!-- #zurbwrap -->' . "\n";
        echo "\n" . '</body>';

lets say i want to change the div wrapper of body_open public static function. How do i do it without touching the core class file? is there a way to overide it?

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If you are using PHP 5.3+, you can use late static binding: http://php.net/manual/en/language.oop5.late-static-bindings.php

Anything before 5.3 means you will probably have to rethink your current implementation/architecture for that particular class.

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Use late static bindings, if you're using PHP 5.3+.

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