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This is long one. I am developing Restful Web Services to produce JSON data using jersey ,Hibernate and database is MySQL. I have been using Hibernate and been doing all native-sql in my project to communicate to database.

I have 2 schema in database and have respective entity classes,

Schema 1


  1. Jobs ----- 1 to many--->
  2. Events Jobs ----- 1 to many---> Clubs
  3. Events ----- 1 to many ---> Entries
  4. Clubs---------->Entries (one to many)

Schema 2

Tables: Jobs, Events,Clubs,Races,Results,Splits

  1. Jobs ---->Events ,Clubs (one to many)

  2. Events------>Races (one to many)

  3. Races ------> Results (one to many)

  4. Clubs---------->Entries (one to many)

  5. Results------>Splits (one to many) Also has eagerly mapped

All tables in Schema 2 have key which matches to Schema 1 tables , For eg: Schema 2 Jobs has schema1.job_id , Schema 2 events has schema 1.event_id key . To be simple we can access data from Schema_2/Schema_1 tables using Schema_1/Schema_2 table keys

I have all endpoints which return data from both database. I been doing cross schema queries. And doing good so far with out major trouble. But I have been struck with this issue.

I have to get results data (also splits data which is eagerly mapped) from Results, Splits tables from Schema 2 along with event,clubs,entries info from Schema 1 as well. I am unable to achieve this.

Results.java (Entity)

  @Table(name = "results", catalog = "schema2")
  public class Results implements java.io.Serializable {

private BigDecimal id;
private Set<Splits> splits = new HashSet<Splits>(0);
/* some more fields*/

//getters and setters

    @Column(name = "Id", unique = true, nullable = false, precision = 12, scale = 6)
    public BigDecimal getId() {
        return this.id;

    @OneToMany(fetch=FetchType.EAGER, mappedBy="result", cascade= CascadeType.ALL)
    public Set<Splits> getSplits() {
        return splits;

    public void setSplits(Set<Splits> splits) {
        this.splits = splits;

    public void setId(BigDecimal id) {
        this.id = id;


Splits.java (Entity class)

private BigDecimal id;
private Results result;

   // Property accessors
@Column(name = "Id", unique = true, nullable = false, precision = 12, scale = 6)
public BigDecimal getId() {
    return this.id;

public void setId(BigDecimal id) {
    this.id = id;

public Results getResult() {
    return result;

public void setResult(Results result) {
    this.result = result;

In my Dao, I been doing native sql queries using Hibernate

 String sql=   "SELECT c1.organization, group_concat(c1.short_name separator     '/'),e1.event_description, res2.* FROM Schema_2.results res2 
    left outer join Schema_2.splits s2 on (s2.pid=res2.id)  
    left outer join Schema_2.races ra2 on(res2.pid=ra2.id) 
    join Schema_2.events e2 on(ra2.pid=e2.id) 
    left outer join Schema_2.entries en2 on (res2.entrypid=en2.id) 
    left outer join Schema_2.clubs c2 on(en2.pid=c2.id) 
    left outer join Schema_1.clubs c1 on (c1.org_id=c2.regOrgId)  
    left outer join Schema_1.events e1 on (e1.event_id=e2.regeventId)
    where res2.rmrsid=:jobId and en.entryStatus='Entered' 
    and e2.regEventId=:eventId group by en2.entryId order by res2.finishPlace";
            Query query=session.createSQLQuery(sql)
    .addEntity("c1" ,Schema_1.Clubs.class)
    .setParameter("jobId", jobId).setParameter("eventId", eventId);


What I am expecting in my Json feed is :

{ "success":true, "count":some number,"msg":"","data":[ "organization":"ABC","eventDescription":"Event 1", **"resultNo":1,"resultTime":"8:30","ResultFinishTime":"xxxxx","splits":[{splits1 data},{splits2 data},{ splits 3 data}..]** ]}

But I am running into error:

java.sql.SQLException: column not found

When I only select res2.* with the same query and addEntity("res2",Schema_2.Results.class)

I have no issues and getting data from Results as well as eagerly loaded splits data like this

{ "success":true, "count":some number,"msg":"","data":[**"resultNo":1,"resultTime":"8:30","ResultFinishTime":"xxxxx","splits":[{splits1 data},{splits2 data},{ splits 3 data}..]** ]}

Does any one have encountered similar situation, Is there any work around for this.


When used Transformer , EntityToBean or EntityToMap, child collections(Splits) are included in my data set, I get all data but except splits data.

Thank you in advance.

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