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I need help I cant find any information about this error. even in Prestashop forum

I copied my live site and transfer it to my local server.. Configurations are now OK but when I click on any product at the front-end.

I received the below error

Fatal error: Class 'ObjectModel' not found in F:\xampp2\htdocs\checkedentertainment\product.php on line 32

When I checked the product on the backend the product is still in the products and all are their smoothly.

Any ideas?

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Hi Mihai, thanks for editing my post... –  roque villahermosa Oct 1 '12 at 12:59

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What the error says is that the class ObjectModel is missing. It couldn't be loaded. Many of the core classes in PrestaShop inherits from the ObjectModel so it is cruicial that it exists.

Please check your classes folder and make sure all your classes are there. There should be an ObjectModel.php file in the classes directory, if not, make sure to put it there!

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