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The created profile of recurring paypal is showing the next Payment date same as profile start date i think it should show the next payment date to next month, following is the array format that i am sending to create profile.

[0] => 
[1] => AMT=9.99
[3] => ACCT=4662886735437488
[4] => EXPDATE=092017
[5] => CVV2=121
[6] => FIRSTNAME=Naeem+Bhatti
[7] => LASTNAME=
[8] => STREET=my+address+1
[9] => CITY=westchester
[10] => STATE=Alabama
[11] => ZIP=eq2
[14] => PROFILESTARTDATE=2012-10-01T0%3A0%3A0
[17] => DESC=Zimmapp Payment
[18] => EMAIL=naeembhatti@gmail.com
[20] => AUTOBILLAMT=AddToNextBilling
[21] => BILLINGTYPE=RecurringPayments

and this is how the profile creates.

 Profile ID I-74V7UV5N4SBT
 Product/service    Zimmapp Payment
 Start date Oct 1, 2012
 End date   Indefinite - continue until canceled
 Next payment date  Oct 1, 2012

 Payment type   Regular Recurring Payment
 Payment cycle  Monthly
 Total cycles   Indefinite
 Cycles remaining   Indefinite
 Amount due per cycle   $9.99 USD Details
 Amount received    $0.00 USD

what i want is monthly charges of 9.99 to user, but next payment date is same? please suggest.

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i have found out the solution, Paypal change the next payment date after a day pass on sandbox account, when i came back next day all next payment dates are corrected.

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+1 for coming back to offer the solution you've found. – Raúl Ferràs Dec 30 '13 at 11:34

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