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I am insert a record to MySql using JOOQ , this is my code

if (f.getConnection()!=null) {
    UserRecord us = new UserRecord();
    us.setEnd(new java.sql.Date(end.getTime()));
    us.setStart(new java.sql.Date(start.getTime()));

(f is database connection factory class)
It gives
Exception in thread "main" org.jooq.exception.DetachedException: Cannot execute query. No Connection configured

But database connection is nut null , What can be the reason ?
(select queries are working with same connection)

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Your user record is not "attached" to that Factory. You have two options:

// Attach the user record prior to calling "store"

// Create a pre-attached user record:
UserRecord us = f.newRecord(Tables.USER);
// [...]

If unattached, there's no way for jOOQ to discover what Factory should be used to store your record.

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yes it works , thanks Lukas. –  user1573690 Oct 2 '12 at 4:52

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