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In my web2py controller I'm accessing file data like:

vfile = request.post_vars.video.file

But how can I check Content-Length before actual file data will be uploaded? It is not a good idea for me to check file size after file already uploaded.

NOTE: I'm not using FORM() helper and database but just raw regular file upload. Is there any way to hook into web2py internals to do what I need?

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I am thinking that you would have to detect it in the browser and pass it to web2py. This is how I handled it server side. I know that you asked for the size before uploading but I figured this might be helpful anyway.

#insert file in db
image = db.image.file.store(request.vars["files[]"].file, request.vars["files[]"].filename)
id = db.image.insert(file=image,title=request.vars["files[]"].filename)
#get filename in db
record = db.image[id]
#find size
path_list = []
print os.path.getsize(os.path.join(*path_list))
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Unfortunately this doesn't solve the issue. –  Exception Mar 25 '13 at 5:58
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