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I have a JPanel (pNums) which contains another JPanel (pGrid). pGrid itself contains a grid (JLabel[][] in a GridLayout) of labels. There is a mouse listener which catches events from pGrid and does fairly important stuff with them (as in, the entire functionality of the program relies on the mouseClicked() event). This works perfectly, exactly the way I wanted it to... until I add tooltips to the labels.

As soon as I call JLabel.setToolTipText("SomeString") the listener stops reacting to events (I have tried most, if not all of the mouse events, none of them seem to be called).

I am sure that it is the tooltips by the way, commenting out the setToolTipText() completely fixes the problem. Of course, since I needed the tooltips, it also causes a whole host of other problems.

I've looked around and while I haven't found anything quite right, I get the impression that I just chose a really bad way to do what I wanted. But I also want to know for sure.

Can I get both the event and the tooltip or should I go back to the drawing board.

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I think you might be able to "fix" this issue, with setting delay on tooltip appearance. But once it will appear user will have to click to hide it anyway.


The reson for this might be, that tooltip itself needs mouse click, to hide.

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