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Upfront, I am new to Spring MVC. I have used Struts2 quite a lot and probably, due to that, I am struggling a little in Spring MVC controller method definitions.

As I read in documentation, you can have variety of type of possible parameter's - actually 20 - defined in to Spring MVC controller method as well as you can return variety of return types - actually 9 - back. And based on this, Spring MVC will act accordingly.

While this may offer a great flexibility, architect in me is trying to define some rules or restrictions so that my team does not need to get bogged down by extra-flexible rules!

I was hoping to get some restrictions defined to control variety of coding by variety of people. I was thinking of writing some kind of marker interfaces for my controllers.. something in the lines of xxxAware interfaces from Struts2..

Or may be something similar exists already in Spring MVC and I just don't know yet. Or may be outside in open source domain.

Looking for your suggestions. How you got your hands around flexibility offered by Spring MVC?

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Have you considered code review? –  David Grant Oct 1 '12 at 7:51
@DavidGrant, yes. But, code review is a post processing (since developers have already coded things). I was hoping something more structural which can be injected compile time to assist my developers. –  VJ. Oct 1 '12 at 9:33

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