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I am a newbie for node js. What is the use of express JS? According to my understanding it is used for web projects and has some templates like Jade and CSS.

Is there anyother extra features in express.js that make it more dominating than node.js? Which one is better node.js or express.js when it comes to server side coding? Diff. between Express.js and node.js.

Kindly help. Thanks.

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Have you ever looked at Express' homepage? It says in huge letters there: "Web application framework for Node", the title is "Express - node.js web application framework", and it says "Express is a minimal and flexible node.js web application framework" in the body. Not to mention that the rest of the site can very much answer all of your questions if you bother to read it. –  lanzz Oct 1 '12 at 7:20
express is built on node.js middleware –  Connor Leech Feb 4 at 16:26
I disagree that this is not a real question. The author may be a newbie so the question isn't well formed for someone with deeper knowledge, but if you take a look at the answers below they are legitimate responses to the inquiry –  Lars Jun 17 at 17:21

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The comparison is not entirely correct. The difference between node.js and express.js in the level of abstraction:

  1. Node.js is a platform for building server-side event-driven i/o application using javascript.
  2. Express.js is a framework based on node.js for building web-application using principles and approaches of node.js

So, if you write web-application, you can try to use Express.js. In all other cases, it does not suit for you.

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Nice summary defuz –  Kamran Shahid Dec 10 '13 at 7:12

Express is built on top of Node, so yes Express adds more features. Node is just a Javascript environment with libraries to make it easy to write software, where Express extends Node specifically to make webservers easy to write.

Express/Connect adds the concept of middleware, a simplified way of managing different routes, automated integration with several templating engines and a bunch more.

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Express js is built on top of the Node.js framework.

Express js uses node.js itself and provides more features to build applications on top Node.js

http://expressjs.com/, if you look at this link itself it says Express - node.js web application framework.

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