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I am using Visual studio 2010 with c# and SQL Management studio.

I am working on the mailbox feature.

I written a method for if a user click for reply button the content for reply is like this..

private string adjustContentForReply(List<Guid> sender)
        string content = string.Empty;
        messageID = (Guid)Session["messageID"];

        //haal de ontvangers uit de database van het bericht
        List<Guid> receivers = m.bussinesCollection.BussinesMessageReceiver.GetReceivers(messageID);

        //pas de inhoud van het bericht aan met de details van het vorige bericht
        content = "<br /><br />----------------------------------------<br />";
        content += "Ontvangen op: " + m.bussinesCollection.BussinesMessageReceiver.GetMessageReceiver(messageID, boxOwner).DateReceived.ToString() + "<br />";
        content += "Onderwerp: " + m.bussinesCollection.BussinesMessage.GetMessageSubject(messageID) + "<br />";
        content += "Van: " + m.bussinesCollection.BussinesPerson.GetFullName(sender[0]) + "<br />";
        content += "Aan: ";

        //Voeg één of meerdere ontvangers toe aan details
        foreach (Guid rec in receivers)
            content += m.bussinesCollection.BussinesPerson.GetFullName(rec);
            if (receivers.Count() > 1)
                content += "; ";
        content += "<br />";
        content += "----------------------------------------<br /><br />";

        //voeg de inhoud van het vorige bericht aan de content
        content += m.bussinesCollection.BussinesMessage.GetMessageContent(messageID);

        return content;

It is giving me error in line

content += "Ontvangen op: " + m.bussinesCollection.BussinesMessageReceiver.GetMessageReceiver(messageID, boxOwner).DateReceived.ToString() + "<br />";

the erroe is

Object reference not set to an instance of an object.

the GetMessageReceiver() is like this

public MessageReceiver GetMessageReceiver(Guid msgId, Guid personId)
            var message = from msg in Db.MessageReceivers
                          where msg.MessageID.Equals(msgId) && msg.ReceiverID.Equals(personId)
                          select msg;

          return  message.Count().Equals(1) ? message.First() : null;

when I debugged it and taken the messageId and BoxOwnerId and fire a query in Database,it shows two rows for the given combination.

can any one help me?

Hey the problem is solved from there and now i can create a message for reply. But on clicking on the send button page the same error now thrown there.

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shouldn't it be message.Count().MoreThan(1) or something like that (instead of Equals(1))? –  Default Oct 1 '12 at 7:17
@Default it does not make any difference –  Hiral Bavisi Oct 1 '12 at 7:21
Offtopic: You could look into using the StringBuilder. –  Maurice Stam Oct 1 '12 at 7:25

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You get the error because you're not checking the return value of GetMessageReceiver(). You either need to make sure that GetMessageReceiver cannot return null, or you need to check the return value before using any functions on it

MessageReceiver receiver = m.bussinesCollection.BussinesMessageReceiver.GetMessageReceiver(messageID, boxOwner);
if (receiver == null)
    // handle error

content += "Ontvangen op: " + receiver.DateReceived.ToString() + "<br />";
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If you get a NullReferenceException on that line:

content += "Ontvangen op: " + m.bussinesCollection.BussinesMessageReceiver.GetMessageReceiver(messageID, boxOwner).DateReceived.ToString() + "<br />";

then the null could almost be anywhere. Except in this case: apparently there are no nulls in m.bussinesCollection.BussinesMessageReceiver or you would have gotten the error a few lines earlier.

So either GetMessageReceiver or DateReceived is null.

You do know that your GetMessageReceiver method returns null if there are not exactly 1 messages (so 0 or >=2)?

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You want to have

return message.First();

instead of

return  message.Count().Equals(1) ? message.First() : null;

Your code returns null if there is more than one result. And you say, that you have two rows in the database for the IDs you supplied, so you are getting null...

You should be using First and not FirstOrDefault, because your code is structured in a way that only works correctly, if your message always returns a reference that is not null.

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If that's the case, I'd be more concerned with why there are messages with duplicate IDs in the database. –  Rawling Oct 1 '12 at 7:22
@Rawling: If what is the case? –  Daniel Hilgarth Oct 1 '12 at 7:23
ok..i will try it and reply you soon..THanks.. –  Hiral Bavisi Oct 1 '12 at 7:24
If the case is that the null reference exception is due to the code returning null instead of the first email when more than one email matches. (Which admittedly it does say in the question if I finish reading it...) –  Rawling Oct 1 '12 at 7:24
@Rawling: Yes, it says so in the question. Whether that's correct or not is a different question. I agree though, it doesn't look right. –  Daniel Hilgarth Oct 1 '12 at 7:27

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