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Spring 3.0 (form:select, form:option(s) ) tag library supports rendering HTML 5 data-* attributes using a bean's property? If yes , an example would help. Background : I am developing a Spring MVC app and using Bootstarp css and JS and spring provided tags. Need to use HTML 5 data-* attributes to keep additional data with dropdowns options. Based upon the user selection in one of the dropdown , I want update further dropdowns and I want to avoid AJAX calls to fetch options for next dropdown since I have the data during page load. I understand JQuery has attribute support but that would require javascript code execution on page load, so looking for HTML 5 support. Any other suggestions to handle this are welcome.

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Data-* attributes are supported on Spring 3.0 form tags (along with any validly-named custom attribute you specify, I believe). You can also use the value of a bean's property as the attribute value, e.g.

<form:input data-test="${myBean.propertyName}" path="propertyName" />

To answer the second part of your question, where you ask if there's a way to get the Spring form tag library to populate the data-* attributes with the contents of the bean's property that you specify, this does not happen automatically: you would need to write a custom tag that does this.

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How do I handle this with options tag : <form:options items="${countryList}" itemValue="id" itemLabel="nationality" data-test="???" /> . I need ??? to be a property of the bean under countryList list. – Amit Parashar Oct 1 '12 at 8:36
You have to do your own loop. <c:forEach><c:choose><c:when>...etc – Alan B. Dee Apr 10 at 21:43

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