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I am building a SQLite database of Indian language translations that's going to use a bit heavy memory size. It would be useful for a host of news media applications. But if a user has to download 7 or 8 media apps it would be senseless to download the same database several times.

Specifying shared user Id's on xml may be a solution. But is there any better alternative. Because i have no profit motive, my only intention is to see tens of media companies openly utilizing my database. If there's no such Open way of letting developers access database i will try to pre-specify a 200 or more shared id's and allot to interested media companies in future? But is there any limit for such number of id's too on SQLite?

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I'm not understanding the question –  keyser Oct 1 '12 at 7:25

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You should look at Content Providers. Android SQLite Database and ContentProvider - Tutorial would be helpful in getting started.

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