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Oracle creates some users default when it creates database for instance SYS and SYSTEM. Is there any way to determine whether a user is a default user in a query?

Refer here for the default users list.

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Not explicitly (that I know of). To find information about users you have to look at the system view DBA_USERS.

You could do it on tablespace finding all users where the default tablespace is one you created; or you could simply list the default users in an IN statement:

select *
  from dba_users
 where username not in ('SYS','SYSTEM',...)

My preferred method would be to use the date the user was created. By definition a default user is created with the database so every user created after a certain date is not a default user.

On the database I'm currently connected to the following would work; you'd obviously have to alter the date portions of this to fit your own environment

select *
  from dba_users
 where trunc(created) > to_date('2009/08/15','yyyy/mm/dd')
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