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I've currently noticed that there were a couple of minor details that were left out from an older commit X (let's say, HEAD~10) in my current branch. I'd like to know if it's still possible to to commit my changes to that old git commit.

I'm only working locally, so no weird remote restrictions apply.

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Yes, you can do that if you don't push elsewhere and preferably if you have linear history. You just commit you minor things and use git rebase --interactive, then you can either reorder and squash or edit your commits.

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Checkout that commit

Make the changes and commit with --amend to modify it

Rebate the missing commits back onto head and you should be where you are now with the amends in place

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Just create a new commit adding the desired changes with the subject "fixup! [commit message of HEAD~10]" and run git rebase --interactive --autosquash

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